Freedom Matters

Most individuals overlook the degree to which their city regulates the everyday activities of their lives.
It's time for that to change.

The 2015 Utah's Freest Cities Ranking

Life, Liberty, and Property

These three pillars of good government apply as much to West Jordan and West Haven as they do to Washington, D.C.

But too often, freedom-minded folk believe that cities have no restraints on what they can regulate. This leads to arbitrary—and in some cases, asinine—ordinances that restrict the behavior of men and women endowed by their Creator with natural rights.

These laws are rarely challenged and largely forgotten, allowing cities to collect revenue and micro-manage residents without any significant opposition. It's time to highlight how well—or how poorly—Utah's cities are respecting and protecting individual liberty, private property rights, and the free market.

Transparency → Accountability

We can't solve a problem that few people realize even exists.

Justice Louis Brandeis once remarked that "Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants…" By helping Utahns understand how their cities are impacting their freedom, they will be empowered to do something about it.

Bringing this information to the surface will also help each city's residents better hold accountable the elected officials who campaign using promises of keeping taxes low, government limited, and freedom protected. Ranking each city across a wide range of metrics will foster more debate as to why certain cities impose the laws and fees that they do, especially in comparison to neighboring cities that might differ to a significant degree.

How we rank Utah's cities

Our index ranks the top 50 most populous cities in Utah based on 100+ data points calculated in 30+ metrics, spanning the following three categories:

Individual Liberty

Firearms, fireworks, fines, and free speech are all covered in this category.

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Property Rights

Chickens, dogs, and bees, oh my! Which, and how many, does your city allow?

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Free Enterprise

Cities not only require your business to pay fees… many own their businesses, too.

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